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PPPoker is a gaming software developed in Asia especially for recreational players to make the poker gaming experience easy and comfortable.
PPPoker platform allows users to form private closed clubs and at the same time lets those clus join together into the unions to create their own tournaments.

It was originally developed for mobile applications and due to huge popularity in Asia and other regions it has attracted millions of recreational players and poker lovers all over the world.

Each club can establish their own price for 1 token or pp-chip.

Value of 1 pp-chip or token is $1.00



  • 01

    Download software. Select one of the options available: Android, App. Store, Google Play, Windows.

  • 02

    Register. Use your unque login and password (Remeber!).

  • 03

    Change your avatar and nickname, link your Email in Profile section (Optional)

  • 04

    Choose option «Join».

  • 05

    State ID no. – 1074556.

  • 06

    Accept your request.

To accept new player please inform our manager of the club about your request.


For the games at PPPoker platform, classic weight contributed rake scheme is applied. A weight contributed Rake structure is limited by 5% of the pot and capped at 3 big blinds.

For the hight stakes and heads up games there is 3% rake structure caped by 2 big blinds.


DL CLUB offers Affiliate agreement. Invite your friends and earn with us!




Poker Kit educational application FREE

Poker books and articles on request FREE

RAKE BACK UPTO 70% 30% Rake Back to Everybody


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  1. Can players from USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus create an account on PPPoker?

    Yes, poker room PPPoker accepts players from USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. However, players from the some locations may have problems accessing the PPPoker website due to the blocking by local Authorities.

  2. How to contact the poker room support team?

    To resolve questions and problems related to the club, please contact the club managers directly. Contacts: WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, or website online chat.

  3. How do I open multiple tables?

    Multi-window interface implemented for the PC version

  4. Why are there so many players in the club? Several thousand participate in tournaments ...

    Clubs are united into Unions. There are many clubs from Latin America and Ukraine in our Union.

  5. How to get the status of a Club Member?

    Please register with us on website. Download pppoker software, register and send the request to join us. Share with us your ID, nickname and contact details.
    Once you get the subscription you'll get the status of DL Club's Member.

Customer reviews


I'm working hard, playing tournaments most of the time. Few times I withdrew around $500 onto my VISA without any delay. The rake is too high for me and I guess I could win more.

Xao Pin

I like tournaments. It's a huge selection of tournaments ever seen in private club. Thanks, good team!

Bader Sobokh

I could not have imagined such emotions from the game! For a long time all this will haunt, an amazing game ..! Opponent went all-in every single hand. Good club, I've never seen players like this.

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